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Informatica Power Center is a single , unified enterprise data integration platform for accessing, discovering and integrating data from virtually any business system in any format and delivering that data throughout the enterprise at any speed.

Syllabus Content:

1.     Data integration concepts

2.     Introduction to Informatica

3.     Informatica Products Overview

4.     Power Centre Architecture and Server/ Client Tools

5.     Metadata overview

6.     Source and Target imports to Informatica Client

7.     Mappings & mapplets creation, parameters and Variables

8.     Transformation developer

9.     Informatica transformations overview

10.   Source qualifier, Joiner, Filter, Aggregator, Expression, Router, Normaliser, SQL, Lookup, Transaction Control,  Stored Procedure, Rank, Sequence generator, sorter, union and Update Strategy etc.

11.   Joins between Heterogeneous vs. Homogeneous sources

12.   Slowly Changing Dimension process in Informatica

13.   Mapping wizards

14.   Debugging

15.   Sessions and advanced properties

16.   Workflows & worklets design and job monitoring

17.   Workflow tasks, variables and parameters

18.   Informatica Scheduler

19.   Command line tools

20.   Mapping Partitioning and performance overview

21.   Pushdown Optimization

22.   Connectivity to different application sources using Informatica

23.   Error logs and analysis

24.   Advance workflow properties

Course Timing Details:

Demo Start Date & Time : Sep-11-2013 00:00

Class Start Date & Time : Sep-11-2013 00:00

Class End Date & Time : Sep-11-2013 00:00

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