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SAP Business Objects

Business object technology and business object programming are based on the concept of "business objects". You can visualize the SAP Business Objects as "black boxes" that encapsulate R/3 data and business processes, thus hiding the details of the structure and implementation of the underlying data.

Syllabus Content:

1.     Installation and Configuration

2.     Pre-requisites

3.     Windows Environment

4.     Linux Environment

5.     Applying Service Packs and Fix Packs

6.     Deploying the applications

7.     Cluster Setup

8.     Server Administration and Management

9.     Managing the Web Application Servers

10.   Managing the Central Management Server Databases

11.   Managing the Adaptive Servers

12.   Managing the Crystal Reports Servers

13.   Managing the Web Intelligence Servers

14.   Managing the Dashboard Servers

15.   Managing the Connection Server

16.   Managing the Explorer Servers

17.   Managing the Event Servers

18.   Ensuring the Availability of your Business Intelligence Solution

19.   What is a Business Intelligence Solution?

20.   High availability in the Application Tier

21.   High availability in the Intelligence Tier

22.   High availability in the Processing Tier

23.   Creating a disaster and back up recovery plan

24.   Content Management

25.   Designing a secured content management plan

26.   Designing an instance management plan

27.   Designing a system auditing plan

28.   Managing Content in Multiple Deployments

29.   Understanding the Import Wizard

30.   Managing Business Objects Lifecycle Manager

31.   Managing the Federation Services

32.   Troubleshooting SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence Platform

33.   Some commonly found error messages and error scenarios

Course Timing Details:

Demo Start Date & Time : Sep-11-2013 00:00

Class Start Date & Time : Sep-11-2013 00:00

Class End Date & Time : Sep-11-2013 00:00

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Demo Start Date & Time : Oct-05-2013 (19:30)
Class Start Date & Time : Oct-06-2013 (19:30)
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