Cloud 9 Creations Pvt Ltd (C9C) is also an e-learning academy that offers your choicest and affordable IT courses. Our objective is to achieve “Career by choice” and not career by chance.

You may be a fresher with or without professional experience. Have you ever wondered, what makes you a successful career professional?

For that matter, most of us consider our first job offer as the right beginning of our career path. We are drifted away by the job expectations and project deliveries. The question still remains. Are we pursuing a career that suits us best, and realizes in total our talents, capabilities and competencies?

At the emotional level, after lot of introspection, we may struggle to come out of the conflict, the career choice that would be preferred to the career choice that is enforced.

Every career path promises value and future.

However, the career path that matches your skill set, competency and capability is sure to bring you high satisfaction and enable you to delight your clients and stakeholders.

C9C brings before you the new career path of “Career by Choice.” We guide and mentor you in choosing a domain/specialization that fulfils your career aspirations, and help you grow completely along the preferred career path.

Don’t you think it is time you start listening to your inner voice, identify your competency and pursue the career choice that offers a promising career?

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