Data Migration is transferring of data from one system to another that involves reformatting the data in order to fit into the target system. Only 16% of Data Migration projects are known to complete on time and within the given budgets.

C9C has a proven and successful Data Migration Framework that is very useful due to its outlines for each and every step in a Data Migration project. We offer planning, strategy and architecture set up in the initial phase of the Data Migration. In the solution delivery phase, we offer solutions for design, analysis, building, testing and implementation tasks which are repetitive during the project. Our final phase involves identification of issues, if any, and changes to the solutions of Data Migration. Our highly qualified personnel system with vast experience is useful in making our Data Migration support the new systems after the final phase.

  We also undertake management of issues in Data quality, which are deemed to be important to the success of any data Migration Project. We are able to offer our solution of Data Migration to both legacy and new systems.

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