C9C is an experienced service provider of Recruitment Process Outsourcing to different industries. We offer quality outsourcing service for your recruitment process and work behind the scenes, while you focus on your major areas like leadership and management that provide best results useful in attainment of business goals and objectives.

  The scope of our services depends on the requirements of the clients. Those services include but are not limited to searching candidates, job boards, posting of vacancy positions on job boards, screening of resumes, research for active candidates, handling of responses, database maintenance, testing of skills, assist clients in analysing trends of market and many more. In many companies, recruiters spend their majority of time towards sorting of resumes and finding of candidates.

It is estimated that 60% of their time is spent in the aforementioned areas. Time can be saved and productivity can be increased by outsourcing these functions to an expert organisation like Cloud 9. Hence, our services are useful for the executives to focus on their core functions like building relationships, networking, evaluating and hiring candidates. We are the reputed organisation that improves our client company’s time to hire, offer verifiable statistics, increase quality of the candidates pool, improve government compliance and reduce overall costs.

  We have a team of qualified and skilled human resources personnel who are well aware of our client needs and also latest developments in the industry. We have been our services to several domains like IT, Sales, Health Care, Finance, Engineering and many others. We are well equipped with sufficient personnel and knowledge to offer either Full outsourcing or Partial outsourcing based on the needs of our clients. The quality that we infuse into our work within the specified time along with maintenance of efficacy and efficiency has resulted in more repeated clients.

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